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1 accomplished his dental educatian at the Medical Academy – Dental Faculty in Sofia city 1989.

He was graduated in 1997 as a General Dental Practicioner at the 1. Dental Faculty of Charles University and Faculty Hospital in Prague.

At the same faculty of Charles University he accomlished his Masters in Orthodontics in 2003.

In his surgery he treats orthodontic deformity in children, adolescent and adult patients. He focused at the same time on treatment of a heavy orthodontic malformations needed cooperation wth a spacialists in surgery, parodontology and prostetics dentistry.

The topic of his attestation work was: "Orthodontic Treatment Possibilities in Adult Patients with Periodontal Diseases".

Since 1998 worked like external teacher in the FN in motol and 2. LF UK in Prague.  Contemporary he come across FN Plzeň. At the same time it is inserted into the doctoral (Ph.d.) programme in dental anthropology 2. LF and Charles University in Prague.